Cord Bracelets- Assorted Colours & Styles

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13mm Diameter stainless steel disc. Gold - 18K gold plated Stainless Steel. Silver - Stainless Steel. Fabric cord which is adjustable in length from approximately 15cm to 27cm

The Heart is the primary symbol. It represents the beauty in humanity: love, morality, emotion, spirituality and intellect.
The Star - a symbol for hope, light and the infinite possibilities of space.
The Lotus flower symbolises the power to flourish in any environment or circumstance.

The Zen Circle - a symbol for enlightenment, the universe and the inner strength of humanity.

All aaina & co jewellery comes in a small purse made of eco-friendly vegan leather. It is a very practical item that will allow you to keep it for a longer amount of time and continue using it in many different ways. For example: it can be used as a purse to keep change and other small valuables either on its own or in a bigger bag.

About Aaina & Co-

aaina & co’s curated jewellery collections are designed to reflect the wearer’s inner beauty of their natural soul. Each item has been carefully assembled by skilled artisans. Our designs are minimalistic, edgy and elegant. All pieces can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Being a conscientious fashion brand, aaina & co pledges 10% of its profits to charity.