Raine & Humble

Australian Bird Puppets- Large Cockatoo

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The 20 cm cockatoo puppet, capturing the essence of Australia's iconic white and yellow-plumed bird. Its intricate carving showcases the cockatoo's distinctive crest and elegant feathers. With its cheeky expression and lifelike pose, this puppet is sure to add a touch of whimsy to any space.

About Raine & Humble-

A spark of positivity in 2012 led our design director Kerry Bower to create her own range for the wholesale company she had co-founded with husband Peter years prior. Soon enough, the pair partnered with long time collaborator Vanji in India to establish Raine & Humble: a handcrafted homewares brand with heart.

By integrating a recycled fabric initiative and saying no to plastic packaging, Raine & Humble minimises our carbon footprint at every turn. We are also proud to uphold industry-leading European standards in dyeing and textile manufacture.

Guided by Vanji’s dedication to philanthropic work for the marginalised in India, our business proactively supports the skilled craftspeople in our community, ensuring secure livelihoods for their families.