Gry & Sif

Big Grey Bunny with Carrot Felt Decoration

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This standing Easter Bunny is made with love and looks very smart in his green knitted overalls holding a big orange carrot. Gry & Sif's beautifully crafted felt decorations add a touch of whimsy to the holiday season. Handmade felted decoration.

Measuring 27cm in length.

Material-100% Wool.

About Gry & Sif-

Gry & Sif are a Danish design company that specialise in beautifully handmade felt products. These products are colourful, imaginative pieces of art, created from hours of passionate work, creativity and skilled craftmanship.

Ranging from lively animals to elegant flowers, holiday decorations to coasters for coffee tables. They are made of 100% pure natural New Zealand wool.

Handmade in Nepal by skilled workers, making each piece unique and one of its kind. Since 2009 Gry & Sif have been Fair Trade certified, they believe that the best way to contribute to the positive development of Nepal is by creating good and sustainable jobs.