Bonne Maison Socks

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Bonne Maison are masters at telling stories in between the shoe and the ankles. It always starts with colours, the funny way they sometime combine, at a glance, kindling the desire to indulge in small moments of joy, when putting their socks on.

A gorgeous selection from the latest seasons stories, La Bal, Lucioles and La Rosee. 

 Sizing- 36/38- Aus-5-7, 39/41- Aus- 8-10.

Material- 90% Cotton, 8% Polyamide, 2% Elastane.

Made in France.

About Bonne Maison-

We’ve selected a double thread, 100 % Egyptian cotton, perfectly round and smooth, thanks to its high quality raw material, spinned with a special technique, that allows the elimination of all short fibres in the material. That prevents the pilling of the cotton once knitted, making it smooth, soft, matte and strong. Our colours are created with care and the dyeing of the threads is specially made for Bonne Maison in Italy.

Thanks to the know how of a French manufacturer, we’ve created a high quality sock, really thin, with a stitchless strengthened toe. The delicacy of the stitch ensure a great precision in the patterns. With the manufacturer, we invested in thin gauge knitting machines, allowing us to manufacture 80% of our socks in France, and the remaining 20% in Europe.