Broad St. Brand Candle- 12oz.

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Broad St Brand- By KOBO-

On Broad St., in a small and sleepy Upstate New York village along the Hudson river, there are few people on the sidewalks. There is a bank and a barber shop. There is a coffee shop and a place to have a good breakfast. Back in the day this Victorian-age village had a cable car and boats pulling into the harbor. It was a bustling center of the county. Now, the village seems to rarely awaken. Step inside the converted opera house where Broad St. Brand candles and diffusers are mixed, poured and packed. The collection blends fun scents and deeply complex fragrances to create comfortable and fresh experiences.

Absinthe- absinthe, licorice, vodka.

Flower Shop- green grass, orchid, hyacinth.

Heirloom Rose- english rose, peony.

Moonshine- oak barrel, sandalwood, gin.

Starry Sky- green leaves, yuzu, jasmine.

Tobacco Powder- tobacco, baby powder.

60-hour burn time.

100% pure soy wax. GMO-free. Lead-free. Vegan. Domestically grown.

Biodegradable. Clean-burning (doesn't produce black soot or leave a residue on surfaces). Longer-burning than petroleum and paraffin wax.

Non-toxic, and safe for children and pets. Easily cleans up with soap and water.

Size- 5"(h) x 3"(l) x 3"(w).

Extinguishing lid included.

About KOBO-

KOBO Pure Soy Candles are made of domestically grown, environmentally sustainable soybeans. This creates the cleanest burning medium and an excellent level of fragrance yield. We use enviro-safe cotton wicks to provide a pure and clean flame. KOBO candles are created using environmentally friendly materials and do not pollute the home. The KOBO scents are achieved using complex, blended layers of high-grade oils in collaboration with the finest boutique fragrance houses in the U.S. Each candle is then made to specific standards that maximize the fragrance yield to the individual scent to create a room-filling aroma that doesn't overpower. Our candles are free of additives, dyes, phthalates, and oil-based petroleum products. Each and every candle is hand-poured in our family-run facility near Saratoga Springs, New York.