Exquisite Perfumes Fabric Garland

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These unique little art works on organic cotton will add character to your decor by fluttering in the breeze. Perfect for walls, windows and doors... anywhere!

Featuring three vintage perfume ads and two floral paintings:
Azaleas and Roses 1878 by George Lambdin American artist 1830 - 1896 &
Flowers 1895 Maria Klass-Kazanowska Polish artist 1857 - 1898.

Each image is digitally printed onto organic cotton sateen, cut into little flags with a raw and stitched edge and sewn into a flag garland.

Designed in Australia. Hand made in Bali. 

Total length- 3 m.
Images length- 100cm.

The images are in the public domain and are all sourced from the generous open access schemes from various wonderful museums. This is an excellent initiative that opens up so many beautiful images to be seen and enjoyed again.