Face Lovers- Makeup Removal Pads

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Love your skin and wash the day away with Louvelle's pure heart cleansing cushions!

Get a deep clean, fit for the queen you are with our Face Lovers which contains 3 reusable microfibre makeup removal pads.

How to use- Saturate the Face Lover makeup removing pad in water in the shower or basin and wipe over the face. For heavy eye makeup, re-saturate the Face Lover and hold on the eyes for 3 seconds before wiping.  

Reasons we’re sure you’ll love it:

  • Simply remove makeup with only water..... Voilà!
  • Gentle enough for all skin types including sensitive as there is no need for chemicals or harsh cleansers to remove makeup which can leave your skin feeling stripped.

  • Plush microfibre strands lift dirt and makeup from the face and trap it in the strands.

  • Reusable - machine washable and long lasting.

  • Sustainable – no more disposable cleansing wipes and cotton pads. Saves hundreds of wipes.

  • Compact: great for travel and the gym bag. 

Care- Squeeze and rinse in soapy water after each use and hang to dry.

Machine wash in delicates bag or hand wash. No fabric softener. We recommend doing this betwen every 1-3 uses. Line dry is optimal (tumble dry on low setting only). Wash with soap and hang to dry in bathroom in between machine washes.