Fisherman Out of Ireland Relaxed V-Neck Cardigan

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The Relaxed V-Neck Cardigan is a slouchy, over-size knit. It has 2 generous pockets and a small side split for added comfort around the waist. The cardigan comes down to the hip, and has beautiful mother of pearl shell buttons. 

About Fisherman Out of Ireland-

We are Fisherman Out of Ireland, a contemporary, premium Irish knitwear brand based in Kilcar, County Donegal. It’s where our entire collection of sweaters, hats and scarves are made, using 100% natural, luxury fibre yarns. The collection is inspired by the beautiful, rugged and wild Irish coastline which we are proud to call home. Our crew of 34 loyal, local people have many years of valuable experience in the textile industry, so you can’t pull the wool over their eyes! We might be situated on the edge of Europe in the middle of ‘nowhere’ but we export 70% of everything we make to the four corners of the globe.