Harmie Vase- 3 Colours

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Inspired by Vietnamese artisans, The Harmie Vase, gives that hand-crafted feel, each sized vase is moulded into organic seed-like shapes, in an earthy, natural colour palette to get any pottery-lover fizzing!

White – 7cm dia x 10cm high.
Mustard – 8cm dia x 9.5cm high.
Scarlett – 12cm dia x 7.5cm high.

About Ned Collections-

NED Collections was founded by Brett Mather and Dan Webb in 2015 with a home base of Christchurch, New Zealand. Both of the guys have a interesting backgrounds which tells a great story. Their entire collection is sourced globally and hand selected. Dan and Brett both have a keen eye for interiors and clean design with an eclectic edge and their range of interior product is carefully curated with you in mind. Travelling as far as Vietnam, Thailand, China, Indonesia and Africa. They know each supplier personally and grow strong relationships with them respectively. Brett and Dan maintain their brands ethos to create connection and build up relationships one on-one. Their hopes is for their product to create and inspire the same connections in your home.