I Am Journey Soy Candle-170g

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Hand crafted in Australia with precision and care, our range is created with all natural soy wax, purified water and palm free organic soap. All products are scented with only the finest fragrant oils.

Exuding class and sophistication, Journey Fragrances range of home fragrance products deliver an amazingly scented experience whilst complimenting any décor.


Available fragrances-

Nazareth- Blended in the traditional Fougere (pronounced ‘fooj-air’) style, Nazareth is an intriguing combination of notes that delivers a complex and mystifying fragrances.

Base: Sweet Vanilla, Fresh Patchouli Middle: Jasmine, Cedarwood, Frankincense Top: Coconut, Lavender


La Rochelle- Composed in the modern Herbaceous style, La Rochelle is a simple, but captivating Fragrances arousing visions of the Spring time on the French coast.

Base: Rosemary Middle: Thyme Top: Basil