Isha Skirt- Indigo with Hand Embroidered Hem

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A comfortable a-line skirt with elastic at the back and waist band in the front with draw strings. Hand stitch all around the hem and on the draw strings. This season the additional of beautiful hand embroidered leaf motifs around the base of the skirt add a touch of whimsy.

100% Linen.

One Size.

About The DVE-

Dve lets women be. Our handmade clothes bring nature and age-old Indian artistic tradition together to celebrate women and their original, uninhibited styles. Prepared from natural fibers, Dve clothes are authentic and made with finesse. We like to pause and notice the little details. We make clothes for women to feel fashionably practical and comfortable every day.
For Dve, style is the sum of simplicity and intricacy. Our patterns breathe easily and we give every element our undivided attention. Whether its design and colours, stitches and buttons, or lines and textures, all are equally important to us. In subtle shades, our rural Indian artisans turn art into craft with meticulous weaving perfected through generations.