Bianca Lorenne

Lavette Makeup Removers- set of 5- Assorted Colours

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These wonderful reusable and hypoallergenic makeup removers are knitted from the same 100% soft cotton as our washcloths and are the perfect sustainable choice for removing your makeup effectively and gently.

Available as a set of 5 in a gorgeous blush or vintage rose colourway that works well with our Lavette petal washcloths and hand towels. Also available as a set of 5 in a charcoal colourway that matches perfectly with our Lavette grey washers and Lavette charcoal hand towels.

Each cloth measures approximately 8 x 11cm.

Fabric- 100% Cotton.

About Bianca Lorenne-

We pride ourselves on being a creative bunch with the design team creating unique products with incredible thought, collection after collection. Many of our designs are still hand drawn, with love and attention to detail on each and every product. We strive to keep the beauty and tradition of hand craftsmanship alive in this ever increasing mass produced world. Our talented artisans have perfected these skills over many generations - they are not only incredibly skilled, but have a passion for this beautiful, timeless work. We admire and will continue to support these masters in order to bring our gorgeous products to you.

Well renowned for our superb quality, Bianca Lorenne uses only the highest quality materials, insist on impeccable finishing and never forget the important little details that make our products so special.