Long Wool Scarf- Autumn Garden

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In the softest wool crepe, this scarf will keep you toasty without the bulk!

Featuring the delicate hand drawn leaves of Amy Wright, an artist living in a small Victorian country town, depicting the overflowing gardens with the textures of petals, leaves and pebbles overlapping in abstracted forms.

  • 100% wool crepe

Care- Hand wash in warm water using a gentle wool detergent.
Dry flat in the shade.
Do not tumble dry.
Dry cleanable.
We recommend spot cleaning between washes to reduce the need for excessive washing.


About Nancybird-

Nancybird originated in 2002, with founder Emily Wright creating a small range of bags and purses in her backyard studio, as a side project to her fine arts degree. 

As we’ve grown, we’ve looked further afield, connecting with expert makers to realise our designs. We’ve built a community of artisans from China, India, and Korea (and occasionally countries such as Bolivia and Latvia!), whose expertise has allowed us to broaden into apparel, footwear and homewares. We believe that big change is best effected through a series of small, mindfully made decisions, and are guided by the simple principles of good making and good design. We consider the social and environmental impact of our products, the longevity of our material and design choices, and how the final product will be used in our customers’ lives.

This philosophy informs our choices in design and production, and the values that we share with our customers. We’re passionate about a slower, more considered approach to fashion: one where quality and integrity can provide an antidote to the negative impacts of short-lived trends and fast fashion.