Creatively Active Minds

Oriente Bee Bell- Silver Brass

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Ornamental or practical, this brass bee bell is superb.  Useful in a reception area or as an outstanding ornament in your living area, it is a tremendous representation of the ingenuity of this fabulous designer.

C.A.M. decor pieces are coveted for their timeless, vintage stylings, and will be cherished for years to come.

For decorative use only.  

Material- Brass. Please note this item has a silver finish.

Dimensions- 10 x 4cm.

About C.A.M.-

The brain child of founder and creator, Craig McLean, Creatively Active Minds (CAM) is a free spirited, soulful, poetic and often whimsical curator of fine goods and ideas.

Like merchants and traders have done for centuries Craig travels the world in search of old craftsmanship and materials to create unrivaled, passionately inspired products to love and hold for the next generation.  Fine porcelain, regal brass and the very best loomed textiles form the base of their general store merchandise ethos. History is CAM’s reference and by doing so, they share the world’s many archives with a new, modern audience.

An ethical, genuine and principled family company, “CAM” as they are affectionally named continues to curate a very unique lifestyle story.

Creatively Active Minds are involved in helping children in need through the World Vision sponsor a child program.