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Smith & Co Diffuser- 200ml

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Reed Diffusers are a simple and effective way to diffuse continuous fragrance throughout your room.The strength of the aroma depends on many environmental aspects such as humidity, temperature, air flow, drafts and room size. Avoid placing your diffuser close to windows or air conditioning units as these will speed up the diffusion time. Avoid placing in direct sunlight as this can cause liquid to discolour.

Size: 200ml.

Diffusion time: Approx. 4-5 Months.


BLACK OUD & SAFFRON- Reveal the rich and compelling boldness of spiced woody notes with the intoxicating and nostalgic nuances of rich florals. A relatable but ever-changing aroma composed of antique oud wood and bitter oranges entwined with a sophisticated heart of rose blooms. Deepened with a harmonic base of delicate woods, sweet patchouli and warm liquid vanilla.

TOP NOTES- Oud, Bitter Orange. HEART NOTES- Rose. BASE NOTES- Patchouli, Vanilla, Musk.

TABAC & CEDARWOOD- Journey to a decadent sanctuary and envelop your senses with intense and distinguished accents of Tabac & Cedar Wood. An artisanal, signature scent, composed of spiced orange, black suede and tanned leather layered on a heart of tobacco flower and resinous tonka. Laden with deep animalistic textures and enhanced by a harmonic base of warm cedar wood and indulgent liquid vanilla.

TOP NOTES- Orange, Pink pepper, Clove leaf. HEART NOTES- Tonka, Tobacco, Patchouli. BASE NOTES- Leather, Vanilla, Cedarwood, Vetiver.

TONKA & WHITE MUSK- Embrace the illuminated and invigorating nectar of luminous bliss. A cascading aroma of transcendent warmth amplified with the refined sweetness of zested lemon and mandarin peel on a universally intoxicating heart of jasmine — rich and sweet, fruity with an addictive edge. Layered on an intriguing twist of mellow white musk seduced by the sun.

TOP NOTES- Lemon, Orange. HEART NOTES- Orange blossom, Jasmine, Violet. BASE NOTES-White musk.

AMBER & FREESIA- Discover the unexpected with this addictive duo of light and dark. A juxtaposing bright aromatic top of lush wild berries, blooming freesia and jasmine, contrasted with a heart of warmed amber. Follow the ever-shifting landscape to reveal the dark yet complex base of lingering cedar woods with wild moss bark to add an earthy hint, combined with burnt vanilla bean.

TOP NOTES- Wild berries, Freesia. HEART NOTES- Jasmine, Amber. BASE NOTES- Vanilla, Cedarwood, Moss.

How to Use- Open fragrance will bloom within 48 hours To assemble — place glass on a flat, unpainted surface. Gently pour in the diffuser fluid. Take care not to drip fluid onto any surfaces. Set glass lid on top & insert sticks. Dispose of refill bottle responsibly. Maintain the fragrance level by rotating sticks frequently. 

Take care — always place diffusers on a non-marking surface, protect delicate furniture & wipe spills immediately. Liquid may damage paint & wood. 

Get the most from your Diffuser For a strong long- lasting fragrance avoid aircon, windows, drafts doorways and direct sunshine. Consider the size of the room you want to fill with fragrance. For large rooms we recommend more than one diffuser. If your fragrance stops blooming, replace your sticks to restore aroma.

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