Burgon & Ball

Sophie Conran Precision Secateurs

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Double bladed secateur with fine precision tips allows for targeted cutting. Especially good for floristry work, even on woody greenery stems."

Made from stainless steel, making them outstanding for cutting and rust resistant. A simple brass lock keeps the blades safely closed when not in use.

Size- 19.5cm long.


About Burgon & Ball-

Burgon & Ball have been working with steel in Sheffield, UK since 1730.  Their heritage brings experience which makes their tools some of the very best you can buy.  Burgon & Ball continue to go from strength to strength with their tools and garden equipment now endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society - one of the highest accolades in the gardening industry. 

All of their products are stylish as well as functional and we hope you love them as much as we do.