Stirling Silver Hook earrings- 3 Triangles

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Based on the simple hook design these rounded bottom earrings feature three small triangular stamps at the base and little dash lines at top. Made from 925 sterling silver they have a matt finish and light in weight.

Size- 35mm long, 16mm wide.

 Designed in Australia.

 About Via Smith Jewellery-

The via SMiTH label is the shared love of creating - of both designer and maker.

Our pieces are the result of my love to ‘play’ with shape and form and our silver-smiths’ incredible skills to then interpret and create.

The name via SMiTH is simply because our pieces happen via Michelle SMITH and our silver SMITHS.

All our pieces are hand-made to the highest quality. Our Balinese silver smiths are certified to meet global standards in environmental sustainability and work conditions. Our silver smiths work for some of the best jewellery brands world-wide. We feel so lucky to be able to work with such talented artisans and offer our pieces to you!