Only Orb

Teak and Brass Diffuser

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The Only Orb diffuser is a truly unique decor piece, that will enhance it's surrounding with fragrance and the warmth and organic form of the rich teak orb design. These orbs are designed to be used again and again, and can be re-filled with any fragrance oils suitable for diffusers. Try all the divine scents in Only Orb's unique range of fragrances!

Designed in Australia and hand-crafted in Bali, Indonesia, every orb is individual with the characteristics of the wood that it is carved from. 

Teak + Brass Orb Vessel.

Glass Insert. 4 x Sets of Rattan Diffuser Reeds.

Oil Sold Separately.

About Only Orb-

As the Founders of Only Orb Luxe Products. we have always been drawn to beautiful, timeless product. Our belief is that such elements within the home enhance a commodity high on most people's wish list - a harmonious lifestyle. With backgrounds in business and design as well as a passion for product, we designed the Orbs for one clear reason, to fill a niche in the marketplace where unique and exclusive handmade products were absent. Our desire to produce a modest vessel made from raw, yet luxurious material, saw the evolution of the refillable teak orb shortly followed by the classic ceramic collection.